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Dr. Ana Vicky Castillo, PhD., Afro-Colombian Educator and Historian of Afro Latino Literacies.

successfully completed at the University of Choco an internship in the National Center of Studies and Documentation of the Afro-Colombian cultures. This internship allowed the design and the implementation of educational materials that highlighted the contributions of people of African Descent in the Latin American History. With the sponsorship of Dr. Zulia Mena, Mayor of Quibdó, Dr. Castillo-Hudson was able to institutionalize a Continuing Education Degree in Intercultural and Ethnic Education, to give training to elementary and high school teachers on New Educational Paradigms that promote the teaching of the legacy and contributions of People of African descent on significant historical events as reassessment of the cultural identity of the African Diaspora and as an strategy for changing the slave mentality that have been perpetuated.

 Dr. Ana Victoria Castillo is also developing a museum exhibit, as a powerful depiction of the African presence in South America.  This is the opening of her intended release of her book "Reclaiming the legacy" the impact, and the contributions of people of African descent in Latin American History.   She is the Founder and CEO of Afro-Latinos Historical Society.  Dr. Vicky Castillo holds numerous degrees; Bachelor of Arts in System Engineering from Universidad Autonoma de Colombia, Graduate degree in Regional Development Planning from Universidad de los Andes, Graduate degree in Administration of Social and Educational projects from Universidad Pedagogica Nacional, Master of Arts in Latin American Studies from Roosevelt University, Master in Teaching Foreign Languages From National Louis University and Ph.D. in Sciences of Education from Universidad de la Habana.

Dr. Ana Vicky Castillo, PhD., Afro-Colombian Educator and Historian of Afro Latino Literacies. She has been serving as Research affiliate at Loyola University´s Center of Social Work and Immigration.  She has provided Chicago Board of Education with almost twenty years of service as head of the World Language Department and Spanish instructor.  She has been also affiliated at Olive-Harvey College.   Through her 2014 sabbatical year, with de support of the Dean of Research of the University of Choco and the Director of CIAFRO, Dr. Vicky Castillo, has 

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