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Dini Charif Global Investments, Ltd.

The vision of DCGI is to be a world class leader of comprehensive, efficient, profitable investment and portfolio management solutions service provider for small-business brokers and global clients alike.

The Afro-Latino Historical Society, AHS in partnership with the Sultan Hachim Foundation, SHF and the Dini Charif Global Investment, DCGI Ltd were pleased to invite to Chicago, Mr. Ernesto Estupiñan Quintero, Mayor of Esmeraldas, Ecuador, from May 22 through May 27, 2012.

Since taking office, Mr.Estupiñan Quintero has been working tirelessly to improve the conditions of the people in his city. Esmeraldas is the capital of the only province in Ecuador where Afro-Ecuadorians are the largest racial and cultural group. Unfortunately the city is also one of the poorest in Ecuador. In fact, the entire province (also known as Esmeraldas) has been somewhat neglected by the central government for years.


The Honorary Consul General of Comoros partner with Afrolatinos Historical Society AHS to welcome and to host the first visit of the former President Assoumani Azali to Chicago in May, 2014

The Coronel Assoumani Azali is now the current President of Comoros for a 5 years term. He is taking position of the Office on May 26, 2016.


The Afro-Latino Historical Society, AHS in partnership with GLOBAL ACTS have been working in Ethno-Education projects between educators in Colombia and Chicago since 2006.

Teacher Exchange – Ethno-education
A small community of host families and staff members brought cultural depth to an empowering exchange of educational ideas and the implementation of those idea.... share between seventy-five educators, 


Youth Sojourn Exchange to Colombia, South America
Youth Sojourn to Medellin, Choco-Quibdo, and Cartagena, August 2- 15, 2015,...transforming lives trough cultural exchanges.

Their mission is to empower urban youth of diverse ethnicities with greater understanding of self and their environment, to invoke curiosity while formulating critical thinking skills, achieving social responsibility, heightening cultural awareness, academic competency, technical proficiency and self-management


The Afro-Latino Historical Society, AHS through its propose program Opening Doors for the Next Generation: African Diaspora Exchange project is supporting the Vision of the African Development Plan of: Creation of an International Leadership Academy which develops current leaders, future leaders, and the next generation (youth) based on best practices and African models for all of our communities worldwide

Colombian consulate exposition

Afrocolombians to Chicago

A grassroots organization chaired by Carlos Flores, The Afro- Latin@ Institute of Chicago (ALIC) is working to bring visibility to issues affecting African-descendant Latinos.



Carlos Flores                        Jacqueline Lazu

Melba Carter                         Travis Jackson

Linda Sabo                            Aric Carrillo

Jose Morales                        Ana Vicky Castillo

The Afro- Latin@  Institute of Chicago (ALIC) will advocate and empower Afrolatinos on issues impacting the presence and livelihood of Afrolatinos through the development and creation, educational, cultural, end economic endeavor.



People's World

Oct 12, 2007 - CHICAGO — Over 200 people met at San Lucas United Church here Sept. 21 for the launching of the Afro-Latin@ Institute of Chicago.

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